Welcome to Spain!

One of the countries with the best quality life in the world

Spain offers the opportunity for an educational international experience living in one of the best quality life cultures in the world no matter where in Spain you come.


Middle School/ High School /IB Programs in Spanish and English

AN ACADEMIC YEAR IN SPAIN, A TRIMESTER AND A 2 YEARS INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM (IB) – in Spanish or English. Students between 11 and 18 years old are given the opportunity for an international educational approach to study in Spain, learning in top private schools with Spaniards their age. By living with Spanish families, students experience day-to-day life and customs in an authentic cultural and linguistic environment.

Live with a Spanish family as one more member. Share and enjoy the culture! Study Spanish. Total immersion.

Our students are our priority.
We provide the best schools and families for the best students!

The heart of Mount Royal International Student Program is the Homestay Program for Academic Year, Trimesters and IB: if a student feels happy in a family, his/her international experience will be a complete success. Living with a Spanish family is the best way to study Spanish and experience Spanish culture. Mount Royal strives to find the most suitable family for each student. We want to provide a Spanish home that will offer care, guidance and understanding and will be a home away home for the student. Studying in Spain and living with a Spanish family is a challenging, fun and highly formative experience that enriches the personal development of every student. While living with a Spanish family, international students are treated as one more member of the family. They follow the same guidelines and duties as the rest of the family members and class peers. We take special care that each and every one of our home options makes our students feel at home. It is our common practice that one of Mount Royal staff members personally visits each accommodation and carefully judges its quality. For more than 20 years of experience working on International Students Programs, we have proved to be exemplary

Mount Royal deals with the whole process so that you can study in Spain:

We find the most suitable school for you, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
We help you every step of the way so you feel you are not alone in a new city or school.
We give you support and orientation throughout your program while you study in Spain.
We take care of validation procedures so your program is a success.
We select your homestay family so you live feel like one more member.
We help you have the most amazing experience living and studying in Spain.

Mount Royal prices to study in Spain include:

Transfers to and from the airport.

Tuition and school fees

Homestay accommodation + fees and meals.

Assistance in choosing subjects according to the student’s preferences, to meeting Spanish and your country school requirements and to future validation procedures.

Supervision and guardianship of minors while in Spain.

Unlimited Spanish Health Insurance

Mount Royal requirements: Each school has its own requirements to study in Spain.

An intermediate level of Spanish is recommended.

Good marks. All subjects passed.


Motivated and eager to know and share new customs and traditions.

Show respect and ethical behaviour towards family members, school staff, classmates and all institutions.

Show respect for the city and its nature.

Follow guidelines and norms of conduct of the Program. Comply with the Laws of Spain

Take a look at the school!


Specific commitment: improve the quality of education of our students. To achieve this, SEK schools take as a basis their own unique learning model, one that develops all the dimensions of the student’s personality as he/she develops as a citizen of the world. All training implemented at the SEK Educational Institution focuses on the students, enabling them to reach their full potential as free and responsible human beings.

The SEK Schools have assumed the structure adopted by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) as reference of the pedagogical model to follow.

Council International Schools (CIS)

International School SEK-Ciudalcampo is accredited by the Council International Schools, the premier worldwide organization in international education, which provides accreditation and recognition for the schools that offer high quality international academic programs to study in Spain and that are based in a philosophy and objectives suitable for its educational community.

Top quality educational and sport facilities: The outdoor sports complex of the International School SEK-Ciudalcampo stretches out across 10.000 m2 (tennis, paddle and basketball courts and a football field) and includes also a sports complex (with a multi-purpose sports court for basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, a martial arts hall and a dance and theater hall) and a heated swimming pool.

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